Canon SL2 tutorials

Blue Barn created 22 fun, engaging quick tip videos for Canon Rebel SL2 users. Each focuses on how to improve image quality and performance from their smartphone shoots. Our audience includes millenials looking to up their game, food and tech bloggers, vloggers, and amateur hobbyists. Each tip is presented with on-location video shot around Brooklyn, and motion graphics with no voiceover needed.

Canon Getting Started

Canon Getting Started: Shooting Concepts and Mode Dial

Many choose Canon’s Rebel as their first digital camera. Rudy Winston, Canon’s veteran educator, spent 2 days with Blue Barn to record 12 in-depth, scripted tutorials based on the Rebel’s feature set. This was a 2-camera shoot, on location, at a house on Long Island. Rudy’s knowledge and passion are keys to these ‘Getting Started’ videos. Canon posted these informative videos to their Youtube channel.


Canon’s Digital Learning Center needed educational shorts for their growing Instagram account. At 15 seconds, these were one-tip gems.
Here Canon’s Product trainer Jon Lorentz presents a tip on the Neutral Picture Style feature in their digital cameras. Blue Barn shot 5 presenters and 16 Instagram videos, which Canon posted on a time-released basis.