Blue Barn Pictures, Inc.

We develop and produce content that organically engages and informs your audience. People relate to the human voice in branding.  One they trust and recognize. We cut through the media noise with simplicity in our written and visual concepts

The Blue Barn

The Blue Barn


Blue Barn Pictures' origins are from a blue barn in Rockport, Maine.  Where the company's founders Jim and David met in the summer of 1996 while attending The International Maine Photographic Workshops.


Jim Baker

Bringing together and directing talented artists hardly seems like work. He takes deep off-road dives for unique stories. A craft distillery aficionado. Where a bebop jazz vocalist sings of love and heartbreak. When passions become projects. It’s where this writer, director, producer loves to get lost.

instagram @drjimbo30


David Castillo

Visual story teller, passionate cook, music lover, cinephile, teacher, photographer and a lover of cats.

instagram @momentsinlight